ERANET Workshop

20.02.2018 | Posted at: July 17, 2018, 7:59 a.m.

Project closure meeting ERANET HCVCYSPROT

Identification of first in class chemical scaffolds against

Hepatitis C Virus NS2 cysteine protease


10:00 Meeting opening - Head of the Institute Dr. Stefana Petrescu

10:10 Dr.Norica Nichita – Antiviral screening in Department of Viral Glycoproteins

10:20 Dr. Costin-Ioan Popescu – Project overview

10:30 Dr. Liliana Pacureanu – In silico screening and hit optimization  

10:50 Dr.Ursula Bilitewski – Assay transfer and primary screening for the Chemical Diversity Library

11:10 Dr. Costin-Ioan Popescu – Identification of first in class chemical scaffolds against Hepatitis C Virus NS2 cysteine protease

11:30 Coffee break

11:50 EU-OPENSCREEN round table – Dr. Costin-Ioan Popescu and Dr. Liliana Pacureanu

12:00 Dr. Liliana Pacureanu – RoChemBioNet and EU-OPENSCREEN networks

12:15 Dr. Costin-Ioan Popescu – Interinstitutional pipeline workflow for compound discovery and protein based products for the biotech market

12:25 Dr. Szilard Fejer - Towards using electron densities calculated at the ab initio level of theory for lead optimization

12:40 Dr. Mihaela Matache - Activity-Based Probes: chemical tools for enzyme functional investigation  

12:55 Lunch

13:45 Dr. Stefan Szedlacsek – Traditional versus alternative approaches for antigen production

14:00 Dr. Adrian Onu - Strengthen the capacity in translational research: vaccine development from concept to preclinical evaluation

14:15 Dr. Dan Otelea - From genome to syndrome through applied biotechnology – the NGS in infectious disease

14:30 Dr. Mihai Ciubotaru - Design and screening of compounds with HIV-IN integrase inhibitory activity not interfering with V(D)J recombination. Future perspectives in developing tumor marker antibodies for preclinical diagnosis in animal leukemic models

14:45 Dr. Carmen Chifiriuc – University of Bucharest participation in the Joint Programme Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance. Heads- up on Romanian Antimicrobial Resistance working group within RoChemBioNet

15:00 Round table  

16:00 Meeting closure – Dr. Costin-Ioan Popescu