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Research articles in 2023

  1. Pantazica AM, van Eerde A, Dobrica MO, Caras I, Ionescu I, Costache A, Tucureanu C, HSteen H, Lazar C, Heldal I, Haugslien S, Onu A, Stavaru C, Nichita N, Liu Clarke JPantazica AM et al . "The “humanized” N-glycosylation pathway in CRISPR/Cas9-edited Nicotiana benthamiana significantly enhances the immunogenicity of a S/preS1 Hepatitis B Virus antigen and the virus-neutralizing antibody response in vaccinated mice", Plant Biotechnology Journal, (2023)
    IF: 13.20AI: 2.17
  2. Toderascu LI, Sima LE, Orobeti S, Florian PE, Icriverzi M, Maraloiu V-A, Comanescu C, Iacob N, Kuncser V, Antohe I, Popescu-Pelin G, Stanciu G, Ionita P, Mihailescu CN, Socol GToderascu LI et al . "Synthesis and Anti-Melanoma Activity of L-Cysteine-Coated Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Loaded with Doxorubicin", Nanomaterials 13(4): 621-642, (2023)
    IF: 5.72AI: 0.70

Research articles in 2022

  1. Martin EC, Ion CF, Ifrimescu F, Spiridon L, Bakker J, Goverse A, Petrescu AJ.Martin EC et al . "NLRscape: an atlas of plant NLR proteins", Nucleic Acids Res., (2022)
    IF: 19.16AI: 5.51
  2. Anghel SA, Badea RA, Chiritoiu G, Patriche DS, Alexandru PR, Pena FAnghel SA et al . "Novel luciferase-based GLP-1 reporter assay reveals naturally-occurring secretagogues", British journal of pharmacology, (2022)
    IF: 9.47AI: 1.62
  3. Pantazica A-M, Dobrica MO, Lazar C, Scurtu C, Tucureanu C, Caras I, Ionescu I, Costcahe A, Onu A, Liu Clarke J, Stavaru C, Nichita NPantazica A-M et al . "Efficient cellular and humoral immune response and production of virus-neutralizing antibodies by the Hepatitis B Virus S/preS116-42 antigen", Frontiers in Immunology, (2022)
    IF: 8.78AI: 1.94
  4. Har-Zahav A, Lixandru D, Cheishvili D, Matei IV, Florea IR, Aspritoiu VM, Blus-Kadosh I, Meivar-Levy I, Serban AM, Popescu I, Szyf M, Ferber S, Dima SOHar-Zahav A et al . "The role of DNA demethylation in liver to pancreas transdifferentiation", Stem cell research & therapy 13(1): 476, (2022)
    IF: 8.07
  5. Martin EC, Spiridon L, Goverse A, Petrescu AJ.Martin EC et al . "NLRexpress-A bundle of machine learning motif predictors-Reveals motif stability underlying plant Nod-like receptors diversity", Front Plant Sci. 13: 975888, (2022)
    IF: 6.63AI: 1.17
  6. van Grinsven IL, Martin EC, Petrescu AJ, Kormelink R.van Grinsven IL et al . "Tsw - A case study on structure-function puzzles in plant NLRs with unusually large LRR domains", Front Plant Sci 13: 983693, (2022)
    IF: 6.63AI: 1.17
  7. Sima LE, Matei D, Condello SSima LE et al . "The Outside-In Journey of Tissue Transglutaminase in Cancer", Cells 11(11), (2022)
    IF: 6.60
  8. Munteanu CVA, Chirițoiu GN, Petrescu AJ, Petrescu ȘMMunteanu CVA et al . "Defining the altered glycoproteomic space of the early secretory pathway by class I mannosidase pharmacological inhibition", Frontiers in molecular biosciences 9: 1064868, (2022)
    IF: 6.11AI: 1.33
  9. Chiritoiu-Butnaru M, Stewart ES, Zhang M, Malhotra V, Villeneuve JChiritoiu-Butnaru M et al . "Editorial: Unconventional protein secretion: From basic mechanisms to dysregulation in disease", Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology, (2022)
    IF: 6.08AI: 1.28
  10. Dumitrescu NL, Icriverzi M, Bonciu A, Florian P, Moldovan A, Roseanu A, Rusen L, Dinca V, Grama FDumitrescu NL et al . "New Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide-butylacrylate) Copolymer Biointerfaces and Their Characteristic Influence on Cell Behavior In Vitro", International journal of molecular sciences 23(7), (2022)
    IF: 5.92AI: 1.12
  11. Ghenea S, Chiritoiu M, Tacutu R, Miranda-Vizuete A, Petrescu SMGhenea S et al . "Targeting EDEM protects against ER stress and improves development and survival in C. elegans", PLoS genetics 18(2): e1010069, (2022)
    IF: 5.90
  12. Bucataru I, Dragomir I, Asandei A, Pantazica A-M, Ghionescu A, Nichita N, Park Y, Tudor Luchian TBucataru I et al . "Probing the Hepatitis B Virus E-Antigen with a Nanopore Sensor Based on Collisional Events Analysis", Biosensors 596(12): 1-15, (2022)
    IF: 5.74
  13. Popescu MA, Patriche D, Dobrica MO, Pantazica AM, Flintoaca Alexandru PR, Rouillé Y, Popescu CI, Branza-Nichita NPopescu MA et al . "Sac1 phosphatidylinositol 4-phosphate phosphatase is a novel host cell factor regulating Hepatitis B Virus particles assembly and release", The FEBS journal, (2022)
    IF: 5.62
  14. Ana-Madalina Maciuca, Alexandra-Cristina Munteanu, Mirela Mihaila, Mihaela Badea, Rodica Olar, George Mihai Nitulescu, Cristian V A Munteanu, Valentina UivarosiAna-Madalina Maciuca et al . "A Study on Repositioning Nalidixic Acid via Lanthanide Complexation: Synthesis, Characterization, Cytotoxicity and DNA/Protein Binding Studies", Pharmaceuticals 18(15): 1010, (2022)
    IF: 5.20AI: 0.67
  15. Roxana Ghiulai, Marius Mioc, Roxana Racoviceanu 2 3, Alexandra Prodea 2 3, Andreea Milan 2 3, Dorina Coricovac, Cristina Dehelean, Ștefana Avram, Alina D Zamfir, Cristian V A Munteanu, Viviana Ivan, Codruța ŞoicaRoxana Ghiulai et al . "Structural Investigation of Betulinic Acid Plasma Metabolites by Tandem Mass Spectrometry", Molecules 21(27): 7359, (2022)
    IF: 4.93AI: 0.67
  16. Raluca Ica, Kristina Mlinac-Jerkovic, Katarina Ilic, Tomislav Sajko, Cristian V A Munteanu, Alina D Zamfir, Svjetlana Kalanj-BognarRaluca Ica et al . "Gangliosidome of a Human Hippocampus in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy Resolved by High-Resolution Tandem Mass Spectrometry", Molecules 13(27): 4056, (2022)
    IF: 4.93AI: 0.67
  17. Suteanu-Simulescu A, Zamfir AD, Ica R, Sarbu M, Munteanu CVA, Gadalean F, Vlad A, Bob F, Jianu DC, Petrica LSuteanu-Simulescu A et al . "High-Resolution Tandem Mass Spectrometry Identifies a Particular Ganglioside Pattern in Early Diabetic Kidney Disease of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients", Molecules (Basel, Switzerland) 27(9), (2022)
    IF: 4.93AI: 0.67
  18. Iulia-Roxana Angelescu, Silvia-Simona Grosu-Tudor # 1, Lucia-Roxana Cojoc, Gabriel-Mihai Maria, Gabriela N Chirițoiu, Cristian V A Munteanu, Medana ZamfirIulia-Roxana Angelescu et al . "Isolation, characterization, and mode of action of a class III bacteriocin produced by Lactobacillus helveticus 34.9", World J Microbiol Biotechnol .(38): 220, (2022)
    IF: 4.25AI: 0.64
    IF: 1.40
  20. Chiritoiu-Butnaru M, Chiritoiu G, Ghenea S, Isvoranu GChiritoiu-Butnaru M et al . "Linie celulara reporter pentru testarea activitatii unor modulatori ai sintezei si secretiei proteinei IL-1B", OSIM, (2022)

Research articles in 2021

  1. Sima LE, Chen S, Cardenas H, Zhao G, Wang Y, Ivan C, Huang H, Zhang B, Matei DSima LE et al . "Loss of host tissue transglutaminase boosts antitumor T cell immunity by altering STAT1/STAT3 phosphorylation in ovarian cancer", Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer(9): e002682, (2021)
    IF: 13.75
  2. Dobrica MO, van Eerde A, Tucureanu C, Onu A, Paruch L, Caras I, Vlase E, Steen H, Haugslien S, Alonzi D, Zitzmann N, Bock R, Dubuisson J, Popescu CI, Stavaru C, Liu Clarke J, Branza-Nichita NDobrica MO et al . "Hepatitis C virus E2 envelope glycoprotein produced in Nicotiana benthamiana triggers humoral response with virus-neutralizing activity in vaccinated mice", Plant Biotechnology Journal: 1-13, (2021)
    IF: 13.20
  3. Szedlacsek HS, Bajusz D, Badea RA, Pop A, Bică CC, Ravasz L, Mittli D, Mátyás D, Necula-Petrăreanu G, Munteanu CVA, Papp I, Juhász G, Hritcu L, Keserű GM, Szedlacsek SE.Szedlacsek HS et al . "Designed Peptide Inhibitors of STEP Phosphatase-GluA2 AMPA Receptor Interaction Enhance the Cognitive Performance in Rats", JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY 1520-4804(ISSN 0022-2623), (2021)
    IF: 7.45
  4. Anghel SA, Ioniță-Mîndrican C-B, Luca I, Pop ALAnghel SA et al . "Promising Epigenetic Biomarkers for the Early Detection of Colorectal Cancer: A Systematic Review", Cancers 13(19): 4965, (2021)
    IF: 6.64
  5. Craciunescu O, Icriverzi M, Florian PE, Roseanu A, Trif M.Craciunescu O et al . "Mechanisms and Pharmaceutical Action of Lipid Nanoformulation of Natural Bioactive Compounds as Efficient Delivery Systems in the Therapy of Osteoarthritis", Pharmaceutics 8(13): 1108, (2021)
    IF: 6.32
  6. Baudin M, Martin EC, Sass C, Hassan JA, Bendix C, Sauceda R, Diplock N, Specht CD, Petrescu AJ, Lewis JDBaudin M et al . "A natural diversity screen in Arabidopsis thaliana reveals determinants for HopZ1a recognition in the ZAR1-ZED1 immune complex", Plant, cell & environment 44(2): 629-644, (2021)
    IF: 6.16AI: 1.91
  7. Munteanu CVA, Chirițoiu GN, Chirițoiu M, Ghenea S, Petrescu AJ, Petrescu ȘMMunteanu CVA et al . "Affinity proteomics and deglycoproteomics uncover novel EDEM2 endogenous substrates and an integrative ERAD network", Molecular & cellular proteomics : MCP: 100125, (2021)
    IF: 5.91AI: 2.26
  8. Knyazer A, Bunu G, Toren D, Mracica TB, Segev Y, Wolfson M, Muradian KK, Tacutu R, Fraifeld VEKnyazer A et al . "Small molecules for cell reprogramming: a systems biology analysis", Aging 13(24): 25739-25762, (2021)
    IF: 5.68
  9. Matei IV, Samukange VNC, Bunu G, Toren D, Ghenea S, Tacutu RMatei IV et al . "Knock-down of odr-3 and ife-2 additively extends lifespan and healthspan in C. elegans", Aging 13(undefined), (2021)
    IF: 5.60
  10. Constantinescu V, Chiru C, Boloni T, Florea A, Tacutu RConstantinescu V et al . "Learning flat representations with artificial neural networks", Applied Intelligence: 2456–2470, (2021)
    IF: 5.09
  11. Dumitrescu LN, Icriverzi M, Bonciu A, Roșeanu A, Moldovan A, Dinca VDumitrescu LN et al . "In Vitro Effect of Replicated Porous Polymeric Nano-MicroStructured Biointerfaces Characteristics on Macrophages Behavior", Nanomaterials (Basel, Switzerland) 11(8), (2021)
    IF: 5.08
  12. Nedelcu I, Jipa R, Vasilescu R, Băicuș C, Popescu CI, Manea E, Stoichițoiu L, Pinte L, Damalan A, Simulescu O, Stoica I, Stoica M, Hristea ANedelcu I et al . "Long-Term Longitudinal Evaluation of Six Commercial Immunoassays for the Detection of IgM and IgG Antibodies against SARS CoV-2", Viruses 6(13): 1244, (2021)
    IF: 5.00
  13. Patras L, Ionescu AE, Munteanu C, Hajdu R, Kosa A, Porfire A, Licarete E, Rauca VF, Sesarman A, Luput L, Bulzu P, Chiroi P, Tranca RA, Meszaros MS, Negrea G, Barbu-Tudoran L, Potara M, Szedlacsek S, Banciu MPatras L et al . "Trojan horse treatment based on PEG-coated extracellular vesicles to deliver doxorubicin to melanoma in vitro and in vivo", Cancer biology & therapy: 1-16, (2021)
    IF: 4.74
  14. Pantazica AMM, Cucos LM, Stavaru C, Liu Clarke J, Branza-Nichita NPantazica AMM et al . "Challenges and Prospects of Plant-Derived Oral Vaccines against Hepatitis B and C Viruses", Plants 10(10): 1-17, (2021)
    IF: 4.60
  15. Kulaga AY, Ursu E, Toren D, Tyshchenko V, Guinea R, Pushkova M, Fraifeld VE, Tacutu RKulaga AY et al . "Machine Learning Analysis of Longevity-Associated Gene Expression Landscapes in Mammals", International journal of molecular sciences 22(3), (2021)
    IF: 4.56
  16. Manica G, Ghenea S, Munteanu CVA, Martin EC, Butnaru C, Surleac M, Chiritoiu GN, Alexandru PR, Petrescu AJ, Petrescu SMManica G et al . "EDEM3 Domains Cooperate to Perform Its Overall Cell Functioning", Int. J. Mol. Sci. 4(22): 2172, (2021)
    IF: 4.56AI: 0.80
  17. Manoliu LCE, Martin EC, Milac AL, Spiridon LManoliu LCE et al . "Effective Use of Empirical Data for Virtual Screening against APJR GPCR Receptor", Molecules (Basel, Switzerland) 26(16), (2021)
    IF: 4.41AI: 0.60
  18. Porosnicu I, Butnaru CM, Tiseanu I, Stancu E, Munteanu CVA, Bita BI, Duliu OG, Sima FPorosnicu I et al . "Y2O3 Nanoparticles and X-ray Radiation-Induced Effects in Melanoma Cells", Molecules (Basel, Switzerland) 26(11), (2021)
    IF: 4.41AI: 0.60
  19. Toren D, Yanai H, Abu Taha R, Bunu G, Ursu E, Ziesche R, Tacutu R, Fraifeld VEToren D et al . "Systems biology analysis of lung fibrosis-related genes in the bleomycin mouse model", Scientific reports 11(1): 19269, (2021)
    IF: 4.38AI: 1.28
  20. Gherasim O, Popescu-Pelin G, Florian P, Icriverzi M, Roseanu A, Mitran V, Cimpean A, Socol GGherasim O et al . "Bioactive Ibuprofen-Loaded PLGA Coatings for Multifunctional Surface Modification of Medical Devices", Polymers 13(9), (2021)
    IF: 4.33AI: 0.90
  21. Mernea M, Martin EC, Petrescu AJ, Avram SMernea M et al . "Deep Learning in the Quest for Compound Nomination for Fighting COVID-19", Current medicinal chemistry 28(28): 5699-5732, (2021)
    IF: 4.18AI: 0.75
  22. Riva L, Spriet C, Barois N, Popescu CI, Dubuisson J, Rouillé YRiva L et al . "Comparative Analysis of Hepatitis C Virus NS5A Dynamics and Localization in Assembly-Deficient Mutants", Pathogens (Basel, Switzerland) 10(2), (2021)
    IF: 3.49
  23. Iacob R, Herlea V, Savu L, R Florea I, M Ilie V, Terinte-Balcan G, Gherghiceanu M, Uta M, Popa C, Iacob S, V Matei I, Jardan C, Lixandru D, Dima S, Meivar-Levy I, Ferber S, Popescu IIacob R et al . "Phenotypic assessment of liver-derived cell cultures during in vitro expansion", Regenerative medicine, (2021)
    IF: 2.59
  24. Matei IV, Meivar-Levy I, Lixandru D, Dima S, Florea IR, Ilie VM, Albulescu R, Popescu I, Ferber SMatei IV et al . "The effect of liver donors' age, gender and metabolic state on pancreatic lineage activation", Regenerative medicine, (2021)
    IF: 2.59
  25. Isvoranu G, Surcel M, Munteanu AN, Bratu OG, Ionita-Radu F, Neagu MT, Chiritoiu-Butnaru MIsvoranu G et al . "Therapeutic potential of interleukin-15 in cancer (Review)", Experimental and therapeutic medicine 22(1): 675, (2021)
    IF: 1.78
  26. Ica R, Munteanu CV, Vukelic Z, Zamfir ADIca R et al . "High-resolution mass spectrometry reveals a complex ganglioside pattern and novel polysialylated structures associated with the human motor cortex", European journal of mass spectrometry (Chichester, England): 14690667211040912, (2021)
    IF: 0.85
  27. Chirițoiu GN, Chirițoiu M, Munteanu CVAChirițoiu GN et al . "Dataset of human EDEM2 melanoma cells proteomics, affinity proteomics and deglycoproteomics", Data in brief 39: 107471, (2021)

Research articles in 2020

  1. Avelar RA, Ortega JG, Tacutu R, Tyler EJ, Bennett D, Binetti P, Budovsky A, Chatsirisupachai K, Johnson E, Murray A, Shields S, Tejada-Martinez D, Thornton D, Fraifeld VE, Bishop CL, de Magalhães JPAvelar RA et al . "A multidimensional systems biology analysis of cellular senescence in aging and disease", Genome biology 21(1): 91, (2020)
    IF: 10.81
  2. Toren D, Kulaga A, Jethva M, Rubin E, Snezhkina AV, Kudryavtseva AV, Nowicki D, Tacutu R, Moskalev AA, Fraifeld VEToren D et al . "Gray whale transcriptome reveals longevity adaptations associated with DNA repair and ubiquitination", Aging cell 19(7): e13158, (2020)
    IF: 7.24
  3. Bonciu AF, Orobeti S, Sima LE, Icriverzi M, Filipescu M, Moldovan A, Popescu A, Dinca V, Dinescu M, Bonciu AF et al . "Pyramidal shaped ceria nano-biointerfaces for studying the early bone cell response", Applied Surface Science 533(10): 147464, (2020)
    IF: 6.70AI: 0.60
  4. Baudin M, Schreiber KJ, Martin EC, Petrescu AJ, Lewis JDBaudin M et al . "Structure-function analysis of ZAR1 immune receptor reveals key molecular interactions for activity", The Plant journal: for cell and molecular biology 101(2): 352-370, (2020)
    IF: 5.70
  5. Dobrica MO, Lazar C, Nichita N*Dobrica MO et al . "N-Glycosylation and N-Glycan Processing in HBV Biology and Pathogenesis", Cells 6(9), (2020)
    IF: 5.60
  6. Bunu G, Toren D, Ion CF, Barardo D, Sârghie L, Grigore LG, de Magalhães JP, Fraifeld VE, Tacutu RBunu G et al . "SynergyAge, a curated database for synergistic and antagonistic interactions of longevity-associated genes", Scientific data 7(1): 366, (2020)
    IF: 5.54
  7. Alexandra Manolache, Tudor Selescu, G. Larisa Maier, Mihaela Mentel, Aura Elena Ionescu, Cristian Neacsu, Alexandru Babes, Stefan Eugen SzedlacsekAlexandra Manolache et al . "Regulation of TRPM8 channel activity by Src-mediated tyrosine phosphorylation", Journal of Cellular Physiology 235(6): 5192-5203, (2020)
    IF: 4.52AI: 1.50
  8. Maciuca AM, Munteanu AC, Mihaila M, Badea M, Olar R, Nitulescu GM, Munteanu CVA, Bostan M, Uivarosi VMaciuca AM et al . "Rare-Earth Metal Complexes of the Antibacterial Drug Oxolinic Acid: Synthesis, Characterization, DNA/Protein Binding and Cytotoxicity Studies", Molecules (Basel, Switzerland) 25(22), (2020)
    IF: 4.41AI: 0.60
  9. Chiritoiu M, Chiritoiu GN, Munteanu CVA, Pastrama F, Ivessa NE and Petrescu SMChiritoiu M et al . "EDEM1 Drives Misfolded Protein Degradation via ERAD and Exploits ER-Phagy as Back-Up Mechanism When ERAD Is Impaired", International Journal of Molecular Sciences 10(21): 3468, (2020)
    IF: 4.10
  10. Boteanu RM, Suica VI, Ivan L, Safciuc F, Uyy E, Dragan E, Croitoru SM, Grumezescu V, Chiritoiu M, Sima LE, Vlagioiu C, Socol G, Antohe FBoteanu RM et al . "Proteomics of regenerated tissue in response to a titanium implant with a bioactive surface in a rat tibial defect model", Scientific reports 10(1): 18493, (2020)
    IF: 3.99AI: 1.90
  11. Gheorghe RO, Deftu A, Filippi A, Grosu A, Bica-Popi M, Chiritoiu M, Chiritoiu G, Munteanu C, Silvestro L, Ristoiu VGheorghe RO et al . "Silencing the Cytoskeleton Protein Iba1 (Ionized Calcium Binding Adapter Protein 1) Interferes with BV2 Microglia Functioning", Cellular and molecular neurobiology, (2020)
    IF: 3.80
  12. Bucaciuc Mracica T, Anghel A, Ion CF, Moraru CV, Tacutu R, Lazar GABucaciuc Mracica T et al . "MetaboAge DB: a repository of known ageing-related changes in the human metabolome", Biogerontology 21(6): 763-771, (2020)
    IF: 3.77
  13. Sima LE, Chiritoiu G, Negut I, Grumezescu V, Orobeti S, Munteanu CVA, Sima F, Axente ESima LE et al . "Functionalized Graphene Oxide Thin Films for Anti-tumor Drug Delivery to Melanoma Cells", Frontiers in chemistry 8: 184, (2020)
    IF: 3.70
  14. Spiridon L, Şulea TA, Minh DDL, Petrescu AJ.Spiridon L et al . "Robosample: A Rigid-Body Molecular Simulation Program Based on Robot Mechanics", Biochimica Biophysica Acta General Subjects 1864(8): 129616, (2020)
    IF: 3.68AI: 1.40
  15. Martin EC, Vicari C, Tsakou-Ngouafo L, Pontarotti P, Petrescu AJ, Schatz DG.Martin EC et al . "Identification of RAG-like transposons in protostomes suggests their ancient bilaterian origin", Mobile DNA 11: 17, (2020)
    IF: 3.63AI: 0.90
  16. Florian PE, Icriverzi M, Ninciuleanu CM, Alexandrescu E, Trica B, Preda S, Ianchis R, Roseanu AFlorian PE et al . "Salecan-Clay Based Polymer Nanocomposites for Chemotherapeutic Drug Delivery Systems; Characterization and In Vitro Biocompatibility Studies", Materials (Basel, Switzerland) 13(23), (2020)
    IF: 3.62AI: 0.80
  17. Visan AI, Popescu-Pelin G, Gherasim O, Mihailescu A, Socol M, Zgura I, Chiritoiu M, Elena Sima L, Antohe F, Ivan L, Vranceanu DM, M Cotruț C, Cristescu R, Socol GVisan AI et al . "Long-Term Evaluation of Dip-Coated PCL-Blend-PEG Coatings in Simulated Conditions", Polymers 12(3), (2020)
    IF: 3.42AI: 0.90
  18. Mernea M, Ulăreanu R, Călboreanu O, Chirițoiu G, Cucu D, Mihăilescu DFMernea M et al . "N-glycosylation state of TRPM8 protein revealed by terahertz spectroscopy and molecular modelling", Biochimica et biophysica acta. General subjects 1864(7): 129580, (2020)
    IF: 3.42
  19. Martin EC, Sukarta OCA, Spiridon L, Grigore LG, Constantinescu V, Tacutu R, Goverse A, Petrescu AJMartin EC et al . "LRRpredictor-A New LRR Motif Detection Method for Irregular Motifs of Plant NLR Proteins Using an Ensemble of Classifiers", Genes (Basel) 11(3): 286, (2020)
    IF: 3.33
  20. Codruta C. Popescu, Marius C. Stoian, Lia-Maria Cucos, Anca G. Coman, Antonio Radoi, Anca Paun, Niculina D. H˘adade, Arnaud Gautier, Costin-Ioan Popescu and Mihaela MatacheCodruta C. Popescu et al . "A polycarboxylic chelating ligand for efficient resin purification of His-tagged proteins expressed in mammalian systems", RSC Advances(10): 23931–23935, (2020)
    IF: 3.04
  21. Dobrica Mihaela-Olivia, Catalin Lazar, Norica NichitaDobrica Mihaela-Olivia et al . "Production of Chimeric Hepatitis B Virus Surface Antigens in Mammalian Cells", Methods in Molecular Biology, Blaine Pfeifer and Andrew Hill (eds.). Springer Science. 2183(Vaccine Delivery Technology: Methods and Protocols), (2020)

Research articles in 2019

  1. Zhang Y, Cheng TC, Huang G, Lu Q, Surleac MD, Mandell JD, Pontarotti P, Petrescu AJ, Xu A, Xiong Y, Schatz DGZhang Y et al . "Transposon molecular domestication and the evolution of the RAG recombinase", Nature 569(7754): 79-84, (2019)
    IF: 43.07
  2. Chiritoiu M, Brouwers N, Turacchio G, Pirozzi M, Malhotra VChiritoiu M et al . "GRASP55 and UPR Control Interleukin-1β Aggregation and Secretion", Developmental cell 49(1): 145-155.e4, (2019)
    IF: 9.19
  3. Helker CSM, Mullapudi ST, Mueller LM, Preussner J, Tunaru S, Skog O, Kwon HB, Kreuder F, Lancman JJ, Bonnavion R, Dong PDS, Looso M, Offermanns S, Korsgren O, Spagnoli FM, Stainier DYRHelker CSM et al . "A whole organism small molecule screen identifies novel regulators of pancreatic endocrine development", Development (Cambridge, England) 146(14), (2019)
    IF: 5.76
  4. Simmons JD, Peterson GJ, Campo M, Lohmiller J, Skerrett SJ, Tunaru S, Offermanns S, Sherman DR, Hawn TRSimmons JD et al . "Nicotinamide limits replication of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and BCG within macrophages", The Journal of infectious diseases, (2019)
    IF: 5.04
  5. Alina-Andreea Zimta, Vlad Schitcu, Eugen Gurzau, Crina Stavaru, Gina Manda, Szedlacsek SE, Ioana Berindan-NeagoeAlina-Andreea Zimta et al . "Biological and molecular modifications induced by cadmium and arsenic during breast and prostate cancer development", Environ Res 178: 108700, (2019)
    IF: 5.03
  6. Sima LE, Yakubov B, Zhang S, Condello S, Grigorescu AA, Nwani N, Chen L, Schiltz G, Arvanitis C, Zhang ZY, Matei DSima LE et al . "Small Molecules Target the Interaction between Tissue Transglutaminase and Fibronectin", Molecular Cancer Therapeutics 6(18): 1057-1068, (2019)
    IF: 4.86AI: 1.90
  7. Ionescu AE, Mentel M, Munteanu CVA, Sima LE, Martin EC, Necula-Petrareanu G, Szedlacsek SEIonescu AE et al . "Analysis of EYA3 Phosphorylation by Src Kinase Identifies Residues Involved in Cell Proliferation", International Journal of Molecular Sciences 20(24): 6307, (2019)
    IF: 4.18
  8. Coman AG, Paun A, Popescu CC, Hădade ND, Hanganu A, Chiritoiu G, Farcasanu IC, Matache MComan AG et al . "A novel adaptive fluorescent probe for cell labelling", Bioorg Chem.(92): 103295, (2019)
    IF: 3.93
  9. Icriverzi M, Dinca V, Moisei M, Evans RW, Trif M, Roseanu AIcriverzi M et al . "Lactoferrin in Bone Tissue Regeneration", Current medicinal chemistry 12(16), (2019)
    IF: 3.89
  10. Ciubotaru M, Musat MG, Surleac M, Ionita E, Petrescu AJ, Abele E, Abele RCiubotaru M et al . "The Design of New HIV-IN Tethered Bifunctional Inhibitors using Multiple Microdomain Targeted Docking", Current medicinal chemistry 26(15): 2574-2600, (2019)
    IF: 3.89
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