Labs and facilities

The Institute of Biochemistry has all of its research activities in a purpose-built facility, under the auspices of the Romanian Academy. The Institute benefits from state-of-the-art research facilities that support scientists’ daily wet-lab and computational requirements and has been recently modernized, as a result of a EUR 6 million EU Structural Fund grant, invested in renewing the Institute’s infrastructure and lab equipment.

Although, in general, each research facility is maintained by a single research group/department, service facilities that can support the work of staff from other departments are considered central and are offering their aid to all departments. These facilities include for example the Bioinformatics and Computational Data Centre, the Integrated High Throughput Screening Platform, the Protein Chemistry Facility, and the Flow Cytometry Laboratory.

Presented below is a detailed overview of our Core Facilities, as well as links to Departmental Facilities and Equipments on the ERRIS (Engage in the Romanian Research Infrastructures System) platform.

Core Facilities

Bioinformatics and Computational Data Centre

The Bioinformatics And Computational Data Centre in the Institute of Biochemistry offers services and bioinformatics solutions ranging from large-scale systems biology analyses.

Protein Chemistry Facility

The protein chemistry facility (PCF) is a research and service platform of IBAR performing protein, peptide, proteome and subproteome analysis.

Flow Cytometry Laboratory

In the Instiute of Biochemistry, we have a longstanding experience in the use of flow cytometry (FACS) technology that was implemented in our institution starting 2006.

Integrated High Throughput Screening Platform

The HTS platform at IBRA is an assay development site validated by EU-OPENSCREEN ERIC.

Departmental Facilities