Ioana Militaru, PhD Student

Ioana Militaru
Group: Molecular Cell Biology
Department: Molecular Cell Biology


Ioana Militaru is a researcher in the Institute of Biochemistry of the Romanian Academy. Ioana is currently working in Molecular Cell Biology in the Molecular Cell Biology.




Molecular mechanisms of protein aggregation and unconventional secretion in the context of inflammation and neurodegenerative disorders 2021-2023
Acronym: AggrInflam
Budget: 431.900 RON
Project director: Marioara Chiritoiu-Butnaru

This project aims to understand the molecular events associated with protein aggregation and how a Golgi located protein along with the UPR pathway modulate this process. Model proteins such as IL-1β and α-synuclein, previously shown to aggregate will be employed for these studies. Achieving the objectives of this project should facilitate the understanding of the signaling pathways and the sequence of events correlating the stress sensing machinery with cytoplasmic proteome instability.