Carmen Alexandra Tanase, Dr.

Carmen Alexandra Tanase
Group: Enzymology
Department: Enzymology


Research interests: Molecular mechanisms of multivesicular bodies biogenesis and transport. Exosomes biogenesis, secretion, uptake, and role in normal and pathological states. Discovery of new anti-metastasic and anti-Alzheimer's disease drugs.


Ph.D. University of Missouri-Kansas City, Dept. Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, 2001. Protein import into mitochondria

Post-doc. Kansas University-Medical Center, Dept. Cell Biology and Anatomy, 2001-2004. Role of extracellular matrix proteins in early vertebrate development and diabetic kidney

Independent researcher. Institute of Biochemistry, 2005-present. Role of protein tyrosine phosphatases and Bro1 domain- containing proteins in cell-cell communication and signal transduction.




No grants.