Carmen Alexandra Tanase, Dr.

Carmen Alexandra Tanase
Group: Molecular Cell Biology
Department: Molecular Cell Biology


Research interests: Exosomes biogenesis, secretion, uptake, and role in normal and pathological states. Discovery of new anti-metastasic and anti-Alzheimer's disease treatments.


Ph.D. University of Missouri-Kansas City, Dept. Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, 2001. Protein import into mitochondria Post-doc. Kansas University-Medical Center, Dept. Cell Biology and Anatomy, 2001-2004. Role of extracellular matrix proteins in early vertebrate development and diabetic kidney Independent researcher. Institute of Biochemistry, 2005-present. Role of protein tyrosine phosphatases and Bro1 domain- containing proteins in cell-cell communication and signal transduction.


  • Tanase CA. "Histidine domain-protein tyrosine phosphatase interacts with Grb2 and GrpL", PloS one 5(12): e14339, (2010)
    IF: 4.41AI: 1.90
  • Pascaru M, Tanase C, Vacaru AM, Boeti P, Neagu E, Popescu I, Szedlacsek SEPascaru M et al . "Analysis of molecular determinants of PRL-3", Journal of cellular and molecular medicine 13(9B): 3141-50, (2009)
    AI: 1.70
  • Thummel R, Li L, Tanase C, Sarras MP, Godwin ARThummel R et al . "Differences in expression pattern and function between zebrafish hoxc13 orthologs: recruitment of Hoxc13b into an early embryonic role", Developmental biology 274(2): 318-33, (2004)
    AI: 2.60
  • Zhang J, Bai S, Tanase C, Nagase H, Sarras MP JrZhang J et al . "The expression of tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase 2 (TIMP-2) is required for normal development of zebrafish embryos", Dev Genes 8(213): 382-9, (2003)


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