Gabriela Negroiu, Dr

Gabriela Negroiu
Group: Molecular Cell Biology
Department: Molecular Cell Biology

Senior Researcher degree I

Research interests: Tumor biology , molecular drivers in melanoma initiation and progression, melanoma signaling pathways, diagnostic/prognostic biomarkers in melanoma, anti-tumor (melanoma) targeted therapy (nanostructures); Regenerative medicine- non-invasive diagnostic approaches in endometriosis, biomaterials in bone implantology and regeneration


Dr. Gabriela Negroiu has graduated from University of Bucharest, Faculty of Biology, Speciality Biochemistry. Her PhD training program focused on the pathological degradation of the cartilage ECM and was accomplished within both Institute of Biochemistry of Romanian Academy (IBAR, Dr. Cecilia Motas) and Dept of Biochemistry and Orthopedics, Rush-Presbytherian St.Luke,s Medical Center, Chicago, US (Dr. Tibor Glant), with thesis „ B- and T-cell epitopes with arthritogenic/autoimmune potential of aggrecan molecule” .
Dr. Negroiu was awarded by FEBS and EMBO with two Post Doctoral Fellowships within the group led by Dr. Peter van der Sluijs, in the Dept. of Cell Biology, from Utrecht University Medical Center, The Netherlands. She studied proteins involved in traffic of melanosomal proteins/melanosomes/lysosomes and developed advanced experimental methodology (pull-down assays) to study intracellular traffic and protein –protein interactions.
Tumor biology – fundamental research: decipheration of folding, maturation and degradation pathways of melanoma antigens Tyrosinase Related Protein (TRP)-1 and-2 (Dopachrometautomerase/DCT); the exploration of DCT-mediated pathways in melanoma stress-resistance, survival and progression; diagnostic/prognostic: the value of DCT in the assessment of melanocytic lesions; designing and production of a novel anti-DCT antiserum for IHC analysis of melanocytic specimens (patent); therapy : tumor cell uptake and trafficking mechanisms of dendrimeric nanostructures as delivery vectors for compounds with therapeutic or diagnosis potential ; the anti-tumor potential of iminosugars (patent).
Regenerative medicine: endometriosis - molecular mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis of this disease, development of non-invasive diagnostic approaches and personalized therapies; bone implantology - cellular processes at the interface of nanostructurated coating materials, development of specific biocompatibility tests; autoimmunity- pathological degradation of cartilage ECM in rheumatoid arthritis; mapping the arthritogenic epitopes of aggrecan; collagen-based biomaterials with biostimulatory and regenerative properties for pharmaceutical and food industry (patents).
PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE - principal coordinator of national grants/research projects and collaborator in international and national grants; evaluator of the BS, MS and PhD students, coordinator of projects for BS, MS, PhD degree; tutorial/teaching activities within IBAR training programs ; Project Technical Assistance (PTA) for the FP7 Programs of the EU, monitoring activity of R&D projects for the “Nanoscience, Nanotechnologies, Materials and new Production Technologies; member of Working Group on Assistance to Central and Eastern Europe (WOGCEE) within FEBS; secretary of the Romanian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology .
AWARDS: Romanian Academy Award „Nicolae Simionescu” ; 2004 Annual Award of the Romanian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology .


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