Madalina Icriverzi, PhD

Madalina Icriverzi
Group: Ligand-Receptor Interactions
Department: Ligand-Receptor Interactions

Research Assistant

Research interests: biocompatibility, tissue regeneration, inflammation, lactoferrin, bio-nanotechnology, nanomedicine


B.Sc. in Biochemistry at Faculty of Biology, University of Bucharest. Master in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (University of Bucharest); research short internship at University of Gothenburg, Sweden; PhD student at the Doctoral School of the Faculty of Biology, University of Bucharest.


  • Nistorescu S, Icriverzi M, Florian PE, Bonciu A, Marascu V, Dumitrescu N, Gradisteanu Pircalabioru G, Rusen L, Mocanu A, Roseanu A, Cimpean A, Grama F, Dinca V, Cristian DANistorescu S et al . "Mitigation of Cellular and Bacterial Adhesion on Laser Modified Poly (2 Methacryloyloxyethyl Phosphorylcholine)/Polydimethylsiloxane Surface", Nanomaterials 13(1): 64, (2023)
    IF: 5.72AI: 0.70
  • Toderascu LI, Sima LE, Orobeti S, Florian PE, Icriverzi M, Maraloiu V-A, Comanescu C, Iacob N, Kuncser V, Antohe I, Popescu-Pelin G, Stanciu G, Ionita P, Mihailescu CN, Socol GToderascu LI et al . "Synthesis and Anti-Melanoma Activity of L-Cysteine-Coated Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Loaded with Doxorubicin", Nanomaterials 13(4): 621-642, (2023)
    IF: 5.72AI: 0.70
  • Dumitrescu NL, Icriverzi M, Bonciu A, Florian P, Moldovan A, Roseanu A, Rusen L, Dinca V, Grama FDumitrescu NL et al . "New Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide-butylacrylate) Copolymer Biointerfaces and Their Characteristic Influence on Cell Behavior In Vitro", International journal of molecular sciences 23(7), (2022)
    IF: 5.92AI: 1.12
  • Dumitrescu LN, Icriverzi M, Bonciu A, Roșeanu A, Moldovan A, Dinca VDumitrescu LN et al . "In Vitro Effect of Replicated Porous Polymeric Nano-MicroStructured Biointerfaces Characteristics on Macrophages Behavior", Nanomaterials (Basel, Switzerland) 11(8), (2021)
    IF: 5.08
  • Gherasim O, Popescu-Pelin G, Florian P, Icriverzi M, Roseanu A, Mitran V, Cimpean A, Socol GGherasim O et al . "Bioactive Ibuprofen-Loaded PLGA Coatings for Multifunctional Surface Modification of Medical Devices", Polymers 13(9), (2021)
    IF: 4.33AI: 0.90
  • Bonciu AF, Orobeti S, Sima LE, Icriverzi M, Filipescu M, Moldovan A, Popescu A, Dinca V, Dinescu M, Bonciu AF et al . "Pyramidal shaped ceria nano-biointerfaces for studying the early bone cell response", Applied Surface Science 533(10): 147464, (2020)
    IF: 6.70AI: 0.60
  • Florian PE, Icriverzi M, Ninciuleanu CM, Alexandrescu E, Trica B, Preda S, Ianchis R, Roseanu AFlorian PE et al . "Salecan-Clay Based Polymer Nanocomposites for Chemotherapeutic Drug Delivery Systems; Characterization and In Vitro Biocompatibility Studies", Materials (Basel, Switzerland) 13(23), (2020)
    IF: 3.62AI: 0.80
  • Icriverzi M, Dinca V, Moisei M, Evans RW, Trif M, Roseanu AIcriverzi M et al . "Lactoferrin in Bone Tissue Regeneration", Current medicinal chemistry 12(16), (2019)
    IF: 3.89
  • Icriverzi M, Bonciu A, Rusen L, Sima LE, Brajnicov S, Cimpean A, Evans RW, Dinca V, Roseanu AIcriverzi M et al . "Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Response to Lactoferrin-based Composite Coatings", Materials (Basel, Switzerland) 12(20), (2019)
    IF: 2.97AI: 0.80
  • Grumezescu V, Gherasim O, Negut I, Banita S, Holban AM, Florian P, Icriverzi M, Socol GGrumezescu V et al . "Nanomagnetite-embedded PLGA Spheres for Multipurpose Medical Applications", Materials (Basel, Switzerland) 12(16), (2019)
    IF: 2.97
  • Icriverzi M, Rusen L, Brajnicov S, Bonciu A, Dinescu M, Cimpean A, Evans RW, Dinca V, Roseanu AIcriverzi M et al . "Macrophage in vitro Response on Hybrid Coatings Obtained by Matrix Assisted Pulsed Laser Evaporation", Coatings(9), (2019)
    IF: 2.35
  • M. Icriverzi, L. Rusen, L. E. Sima, A. Moldovan, S. Brajnicov, A. Bonciu, N. Mihailescu, M. Dinescu, A. Cimpean, A. Roseanu, V. DincaM. Icriverzi et al . "In vitro behavior of human mesenchymal stem cells on poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) based biointerfaces obtained by matrix assisted pulsed laser evaporation", Applied Surface Science 440: 712-724, (2018)
    IF: 5.16AI: 0.60
  • Dinca V, Mocanu A, Isopencu G, Busuioc C, Brajnicov S, Vlad A, Icriverzi M, Roseanu A, Dinescu M, Stroescu M.Dinca V et al . "Biocompatible pure ZnO nanoparticles-3D bacterial cellulose biointerfaces with antibacterial properties", Arabian Journal of Chemistry, (2018)
    IF: 2.96
  • Clatici VG, Voicu C, Voaides C, Roseanu A, Icriverzi M, Jurcoane SClatici VG et al . "Diseases of Civilization - Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity and Acne - the Implication of Milk, IGF-1 and mTORC1", Maedica 13(4): 273-281, (2018)
  • Scarisoreanu ND, Craciun F, Ion V, Birjega R, Bercea A, Dinca V, Dinescu M, Sima LE, Icriverzi M, Roseanu A, Gruionu L, Gruionu GScarisoreanu ND et al . "Lead-Free Piezoelectric (Ba,Ca)(Zr,Ti)O3 Thin Films for Biocompatible and Flexible Devices", ACS applied materials & interfaces 9(1): 266-278, (2017)
    IF: 8.30AI: 1.50
  • Rusen, L.; Dinca, V.; Mustaciosu, C.; Icriverzi, M.; Sima, L.E.; Bonciu, A.; Brajnicov, S.; Mihailescu, N.; Dumitrescu, N.; Popovici, A.I., Roseanu A.; Dinescu MRusen et al . "Modern Technologies for Creating the Thin-Film Systems and Coatings", : 171-191, (2017)
  • Ianchis R, Ninciuleanu CM, Gifu IC, Alexandrescu E, Somoghi R, Gabor AR, Preda S, Nistor CL, Nitu S, Petcu C, Icriverzi M, Florian PE, Roseanu AMIanchis R et al . "Novel Hydrogel-Advanced Modified Clay Nanocomposites as Possible Vehicles for Drug Delivery and Controlled Release", Nanomaterials (Basel, Switzerland) 7(12), (2017)
  • Constantinescu C, Palla-Papavlu A, Rotaru A, Florian P, Chelu F, Icriverzi M, Nedelcea A, Dinca V, Roseanu A, Dinescu M.Constantinescu C et al . "Multifunctional thin films of lactoferrin for biochemical use deposited by MAPLE technique", Applied Surface Science 255(10): 5491-5495, (2009)
    AI: 0.60
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