Mihaela Trif, PhD

Mihaela Trif
Group: Ligand-Receptor Interactions
Department: Ligand-Receptor Interactions

Senior Scientific Researcher

Research interests: Scientific competence in : Technology of lipidic nanostructures (designing of biocompatible and efficient lipidic nanostructures suitable for the therapy of the inflammatory diseases); biocompatibility studies using different cells in culture; liposome interaction with immunocompetent cells; cellular response investigation during inflammatory process; investigation on the biodistribution and the mechanisms involved in the interaction between different liposome system and cell types, through in vitro and in vivo studies; identification of the liposome target. Principal subjects/occupational skills covered: Liposomes as controlled drug delivery system during inflammatory process - competence in: technology of lipidic nanostructures ; cell culture techniques ; biotoxicity studies -biochemistry, cell biology, immunochemistry techniques.


-BS in Biology/ Biochemistry Section; MSc in Enzymology/ Faculty of Biology, University of Bucharest (1979);
-PhD in Biology, Biochemistry field - disertation title „Liposome as carriers for active principle” / Institute of Biochemistry, Romanian Academy (1994).
Research stages
- University of London, The school of Pharmacy, Centre for drug Delivery Research, UK (Royal Society grant (1992) ;
- Martin –Luther University, Faculty of Medicine, Halle, Germany (1994-1995), DAAD-NATO fellowship
- Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille, France. Program International de cooperation scientific (PICS –CNRS) (1994-1996
- University of Glasgow, Dept. of Immunology , Glasgow, UK, (1998 , 1999, 2001, 2003 –3 month/year); Royal Society short term grants; Wellcome Trust grant (ref. 065435/Z/01/Z/2001)

Collaborations established with partners involved in national and international cooperation:
-2011-2016- coordinator of international grant-PI- ( Subaward Nr 61369 with LSU Ag Center, Louisiana, USA) in the frame of - USDA NIFA Grant 2011-6702;
- 2006-2008- coordinator of complex grant with ANCS- CEEX 57/2006, NANOCONTER , with 5 partners, (IOB; INSB; University of Bucharest ; IMT- Bucharest; ICECHIM- www.biochim.ro/ib/ceex.php - 1990-2011- Coordinator of more than 20 national grants (Romanian Academy, Romanian Ministry of Research, Romanian Medical Academy, Romanian Agency of Research-ANCS);

-Honorary Research Fellow – University of Glasgow – 1 oct. 1999 – 30 sept. 2000
-Included in ”Who’s Who Medical in Romania” 2006

-Teaching activity: PhD thesis evaluator ; Advisor of BS and MS training in biochemistry, nanoscience and nanotechnology


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