Sorin Tunaru, Dr.

Sorin Tunaru
Group: Cell Signaling Research
Department: Enzymology

Scientific Researcher


Sorin Tunaru is a researcher in the Institute of Biochemistry of the Romanian Academy. Sorin is currently working in Cell Signaling Research in the Enzymology.


  • Helker CSM, Mullapudi ST, Mueller LM, Preussner J, Tunaru S, Skog O, Kwon HB, Kreuder F, Lancman JJ, Bonnavion R, Dong PDS, Looso M, Offermanns S, Korsgren O, Spagnoli FM, Stainier DYRHelker CSM et al . "A whole organism small molecule screen identifies novel regulators of pancreatic endocrine development", Development (Cambridge, England) 146(14), (2019)
    IF: 5.76
  • Simmons JD, Peterson GJ, Campo M, Lohmiller J, Skerrett SJ, Tunaru S, Offermanns S, Sherman DR, Hawn TRSimmons JD et al . "Nicotinamide limits replication of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and BCG within macrophages", The Journal of infectious diseases, (2019)
    IF: 5.04
  • Tunaru S, Bonnavion R, Brandenburger I, Preussner J, Thomas D, Scholich K, Offermanns STunaru S et al . "20-HETE promotes glucose-stimulated insulin secretion in an autocrine manner through FFAR1", Nature communications 9(1): 177, (2018)
    IF: 11.88
  • Schmitz K, Brunkhorst R, de Bruin N, Mayer CA, Häussler A, Ferreiros N, Schiffmann S, Parnham MJ, Tunaru S, Chun J, Offermanns S, Foerch C, Scholich K, Vogt J, Wicker S, Lötsch J, Geisslinger G, Tegeder ISchmitz K et al . "Dysregulation of lysophosphatidic acids in multiple sclerosis and autoimmune encephalomyelitis", Acta neuropathologica communications 5(1): 42, (2017)
  • Hohmann SW, Angioni C, Tunaru S, Lee S, Woolf CJ, Offermanns S, Geisslinger G, Scholich K, Sisignano MHohmann SW et al . "The G2A receptor (GPR132) contributes to oxaliplatin-induced mechanical pain hypersensitivity", Scientific reports 7(1): 446, (2017)
  • Zinn S, Sisignano M, Kern K, Pierre S, Tunaru S, Jordan H, Suo J, Treutlein EM, Angioni C, Ferreiros N, Leffler A, DeBruin N, Offermanns S, Geisslinger G, Scholich KZinn S et al . "The leukotriene B4 receptors BLT1 and BLT2 form an antagonistic sensitizing system in peripheral sensory neurons", The Journal of biological chemistry 292(15): 6123-6134, (2017)
  • Tunaru S, Chennupati R, Nüsing RM, Offermanns STunaru S et al . "Arachidonic Acid Metabolite 19(S)-HETE Induces Vasorelaxation and Platelet Inhibition by Activating Prostacyclin (IP) Receptor", PloS one 11(9): e0163633, (2016)
    IF: 2.81
  • Tang C, Ahmed K, Gille A, Lu S, Gröne HJ, Tunaru S, Offermanns STang C et al . "Loss of FFA2 and FFA3 increases insulin secretion and improves glucose tolerance in type 2 diabetes", Nature medicine 21(2): 173-7, (2015)
  • Preuss B, Tunaru S, Henes J, Offermanns S, Klein RPreuss B et al . "A novel luminescence-based method for the detection of functionally active antibodies to muscarinic acetylcholine receptors of the M3 type (mAchR3) in patients' sera", Clinical and experimental immunology 177(1): 179-89, (2014)
    IF: 3.04AI: 1.00
  • Conzelmann M, Williams EA, Tunaru S, Randel N, Shahidi R, Asadulina A, Berger J, Offermanns S, Jékely GConzelmann M et al . "Conserved MIP receptor-ligand pair regulates Platynereis larval settlement", Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 110(20): 8224-9, (2013)
    AI: 4.90
  • Tunaru S, Althoff TF, Nüsing RM, Diener M, Offermanns STunaru S et al . "Castor oil induces laxation and uterus contraction via ricinoleic acid activating prostaglandin EP3 receptors", Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 109(23): 9179-84, (2012)
    AI: 4.90
  • Lukasova M, Hanson J, Tunaru S, Offermanns SLukasova M et al . "Nicotinic acid (niacin): new lipid-independent mechanisms of action and therapeutic potentials", Trends in pharmacological sciences 32(12): 700-7, (2011)
  • Ahmed K, Tunaru S, Tang C, Müller M, Gille A, Sassmann A, Hanson J, Offermanns SAhmed K et al . "An autocrine lactate loop mediates insulin-dependent inhibition of lipolysis through GPR81", Cell metabolism 11(4): 311-9, (2010)
    IF: 18.21AI: 9.40
  • Hanson J, Gille A, Zwykiel S, Lukasova M, Clausen BE, Ahmed K, Tunaru S, Wirth A, Offermanns SHanson J et al . "Nicotinic acid- and monomethyl fumarate-induced flushing involves GPR109A expressed by keratinocytes and COX-2-dependent prostanoid formation in mice", The Journal of clinical investigation 120(8): 2910-9, (2010)
  • Ahmed K, Tunaru S, Offermanns SAhmed K et al . "GPR109A, GPR109B and GPR81, a family of hydroxy-carboxylic acid receptors", Trends in pharmacological sciences 30(11): 557-62, (2009)
    AI: 3.30
  • Ahmed K, Tunaru S, Langhans CD, Hanson J, Michalski CW, Kölker S, Jones PM, Okun JG, Offermanns SAhmed K et al . "Deorphanization of GPR109B as a receptor for the beta-oxidation intermediate 3-OH-octanoic acid and its role in the regulation of lipolysis", The Journal of biological chemistry 284(33): 21928-33, (2009)
  • Kero J, Ahmed K, Wettschureck N, Tunaru S, Wintermantel T, Greiner E, Schütz G, Offermanns SKero J et al . "Thyrocyte-specific Gq/G11 deficiency impairs thyroid function and prevents goiter development", The Journal of clinical investigation 117(9): 2399-407, (2007)
  • Tunaru S, Lättig J, Kero J, Krause G, Offermanns STunaru S et al . "Characterization of determinants of ligand binding to the nicotinic acid receptor GPR109A (HM74A/PUMA-G)", Molecular pharmacology 68(5): 1271-80, (2005)
    AI: 1.70
  • Niedernberg A, Tunaru S, Blaukat A, Harris B, Kostenis ENiedernberg A et al . "Comparative analysis of functional assays for characterization of agonist ligands at G protein-coupled receptors", Journal of biomolecular screening 8(5): 500-10, (2003)
    AI: 0.60
  • Niedernberg A, Tunaru S, Blaukat A, Ardati A, Kostenis ENiedernberg A et al . "Sphingosine 1-phosphate and dioleoylphosphatidic acid are low affinity agonists for the orphan receptor GPR63", Cellular signalling 15(4): 435-46, (2003)
  • Tunaru S, Kero J, Schaub A, Wufka C, Blaukat A, Pfeffer K, Offermanns STunaru S et al . "PUMA-G and HM74 are receptors for nicotinic acid and mediate its anti-lipolytic effect", Nature medicine 9(3): 352-5, (2003)
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