Andrei-José Petrescu, PhD

Andrei-José Petrescu
Group: Bioinformatics & Structural Biochemistry
Department: Bioinformatics & Structural Biochemistry

Head of Department


Andrei heads the Department of Bioinformatics since 1999. He developed computational assisted work relevant in many fields of molecular life sciences reflected by a large web of collaborations with groups from Oxford, Yale, Berkeley, Wageningen and many other advanced research centers.


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Structure Assisted Investigation of Critical Protein Families Involved in Plant Immunity 2017-2019
Project director: Andrei-José Petrescu

This project aims to address a number of structural aspects related to key elements of the plant immune system and its pathogen interactors using a combined approach intricating experimental and computational steps. To this end we intend to build on our previous results in the field and further develop experimental, bioinformatics and molecular modeling methods appropriate for solving the specific problems implied by this proposal.