Monica Tudor, PhD Student

Monica Tudor
Group: Molecular Cell Biology
Department: Molecular Cell Biology

Research Assistant


Monica graduated from Faculty of Biology, University of Bucharest in 2019, where she studied Biochemistry. In 2021 she graduated from Faculty of Biology where she studied a Master's degree of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and currently works as a research assistant and PhD student at the Institute of Biochemistry's department of Molecular Cell Biology.


No papers or books.


Context-dependent therapeutic targeting of ovarian cancer metastasis using TG2 small molecule inhibitors 2020-2022
Budget: 600,000 RON
Project director: Livia Sima

The principal goal of this project is the development of a new class of small molecule inhibitors (SMIs) targeting TG2-FN interaction, which is currently in the phase of lead optimization, translatable to clinical use for prevention of ovarian cancer dissemination, either alone or in combinations.