Novel radiolabeled affibodies for targeted imaging and therapy

Novel radiolabeled affibodies for targeted imaging and therapy 2019-2022
Acronym: Bilateral agreement no.3698/13.09.2018 Romanian Academy- Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Project director: Stefan Szedlacsek
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The project is agreed as a joint collaboration among IBAR and ATOMKI, UD and IFIN-HH is a cost free participant. There are two main directions envisaged by the proposed project: receptors mapping and therapy, using an affibody against HER2 receptor, combined with an adequate radioisotope. In this respect, the specific objectives are: a) expression and purification of affibodies; b) establish labeling procedures; c) ex vivo and/or in vivo testing of optimal compounds.

Our collaboration will eventually set the premises for further development of biomarkers labeled with 64Cu/52Mn aimed for PET imaging in our institutions and usage of therapy with  64Cu/52 emiters in situ, at the level of affected areas in various solid tumor cancers and micrometastases. The expected results will be the basis of the further research work in Hungary according to the bimodal diagnostic such the PET-MRI imaging. The 52Mn as PET radioisotope, the Mn2+ as a powerful paramagnetic ion for MRI will play a main role in the near future.

Stefan Szedlacsek, Dr.
Stefan Szedlacsek, Dr.

Head of Department

Professor Dr. Stefan Eugen Szedlacsek is the Head of the Enzymology Department at the Institute of Biochemistry of the Romanian Academy. He holds a PhD degree in Biotechnology from Polytechnic University of Bucharest as well as a MSc in Organic Synthesis (Polytechnic University- Bucharest) and MSc in Mathematics (Bucharest University). As a visiting scientist, he performed research in the field of cholesterol metabolism University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (USA), where he succeeded to evidence a new pathway in the metabolism of oxysterols. He is an “Alexander von Humboldt“ fellow and worked in Germany, in the Institute of Biochemistry (Kiel University) More...

Rodica-Aura Badea, Dr.
Rodica-Aura Badea, Dr.

Scientific Researcher

Rodica-Aura Badea is a researcher in the Institute of Biochemistry of the Romanian Academy. Rodica-Aura is currently working in Cell Signaling Research in the Enzymology.