Stefan Szedlacsek, Dr.

Stefan Szedlacsek
Group: Enzymology
Department: Enzymology

Head of Department

Research interests: TBA, Researcher | Teaching staff | Scientific reviewer | Manager | Consultant.

Currently working on

Institute of Biochemistry of the Romanian Academy , Bucharest.
Department of Enzymology .


Professor Dr. Stefan Eugen Szedlacsek is the Head of the Enzymology Department at the Institute of Biochemistry of the Romanian Academy. He holds a PhD degree in Biotechnology from Polytechnic University of Bucharest as well as a MSc in Organic Synthesis (Polytechnic University- Bucharest) and MSc in Mathematics (Bucharest University). As a visiting scientist, he performed research in the field of cholesterol metabolism University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (USA), where he succeeded to evidence a new pathway in the metabolism of oxysterols. He is an “Alexander von Humboldt“ fellow and worked in Germany, in the Institute of Biochemistry (Kiel University), Max-Plack Institute for Physiological Chemistry (Dortmund) and Max-Planck Institute for Biophysics (Frankfurt) where he solved the crystal structure of PTP-SL/PTPBR7 catalytic domain, the first structure of a KIM-containing Protein Tyrosine Phosphatases PTP), and demonstrated the lateral dimerization of extracellular region of receptor-like PTP μ. Currently, Professor Szedlacsek and his team studies structure-function relationship in enzymes involved in cellular signaling. He has supervised numerous PhD and master’s theses. Together with his group, he participated as Principal Investigator/Group Leader in the Marie Curie Research Training Networks - PTPNET; MRTN-CT- 2006-035830 (FP6), financed by the European Community. Also, he received a „P-CUBE TNA Project” Fellowship (FP 7- EU) from Oxford University (United Kingdom). Professor Szedlacsek was Project Coordinator for research consortia within a number of projects financed by the Romanian Research Authority.


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  • Stefan Szedlacsek. "Time-Dependent or Steady-State Control of Metabolic Systems?", pp 251-258, Technological and Medical Implications of Metabolic Control Analysis, A.Cornish-Bowden and M.L.Cardenas, NATO Science Series, 3.High Technology, (2000).
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  • Stefan Szedlacsek. "Kinetics of slow and tight-binding inhibitors", pp 144-180, Fundamentals of Enzyme Kinetics, Revised edition by Athel Cornish-Bowden, ACADEMIC PRESS INC, 525 B STREET, SUITE 1900, SAN DIEGO, CA 92101-4495, (1995).
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Compound for inhibition of certain signaling processes related to the evolution of the cognitive processes 2017-2018
Acronym: Ctr.327/27.03.2017/Company CRU SRL, Medical Services Company/ Dunakesz, Hungary
Budget: 70.000 euro
Project director: Stefan Szedlacsek

Molecular modeling of a set of peptides that can disrupt the GluA2-Cterm complex with STEP (Complex A) or BRAG2 (ComplexB).

Compound for inhibition of certain signaling processes related to the evolution of the cognitive processes
Novel radiolabeled affibodies for targeted imaging and therapy 2019-2022
Acronym: Bilateral agreement no.3698/13.09.2018 Romanian Academy- Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Project director: Stefan Szedlacsek

The project is agreed as a joint collaboration among IBAR and ATOMKI, UD and IFIN-HH is a cost free participant. There are two main directions envisaged by the proposed project: receptors mapping and therapy, using an affibody against HER2 receptor, combined with an adequate radioisotope. In this respect, the specific objectives are: a) expression and purification of affibodies; b) establish labeling procedures; c) ex vivo and/or in vivo testing of optimal compounds.

Structure, Regulation, and Biological Function 2007-2011
Acronym: PTPNET
Budget: 145.231,18 euro
Project director: Stefan Szedlacsek

Enzymatic characterization of both mEya3 and hEya1 to identify the similarities and differences between these two proteins with relatively low sequence homology.

Structure, Regulation, and Biological Function
“Reconstruction of Ancestor of Receptor Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase Catalytic” 2011-2016
Acronym: PN-II-ID-PCE-2011-3-0743
Budget: 1499990
Project director: Stefan Szedlacsek

Synthesis of the catalytic domain of ancestral PTP and its characterization both in vitro and in vivo.